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Celebrity Invitational ~

Making Your Bequest ~
   by Evangeline Lange ~
Some companies sponsor a race car.

Our celebrity invitational welcomes you to an organization with such intriguing ambitions that it hosts a political party.

Into this grand project we pour a theatrical production. A political thriller, with a unique twist.

Instead of merely being a congressman in the usual way, the participant can star AS a congressman. Patriots in YOUR community can "try on" life as any candidate. All free. 

The future may hold true. 

You may go from being a series fan to tracking the development of an emerging class of candidates in this nation rescuing biosphere saving plan that can flourish with your support. 




Behind the scenes with 

& Your Support ~
There are great reasons to give to this project.

Looked around our world lately? It's a verified doomsday scenario.

The American future has suddenly been destroyed right before our eyes and this couldn't be happening at a worse time.

We have entered the final century of life in the biosphere and America, the rescue ship of the world is sinking. 

Would you like to help America and rescue biosphere too? These things will take far more than merely "another president". 

To do the former will require dozens of new aligned candidates and to accomplish the latter will need hundreds, perhaps thousands of new era leaders.

We encourage you to lend your support to the only plan that can do both. 

Across the world design centers, performance academies and research institutes are made possible through private philanthropy, so this is nothing unusual. 

In these things, the ordinary potentials of life can rise to grand achievements. 

If provided the favorable occurrence of financial contribution, we have much to offer. 

A philanthropic society invites you to enjoy a unique window on the creation of two reflecting broadcast worlds in support of the most important humanitarian mission of our age.

With the elections approaching a visionary job fair comes to life.

A newsy fantasy draws in the mainstream audience for an astonishing political mini-series with a twist.

Dive in and explore the lives of the characters. At the same time meet an invigorating aspect of the Common Sense national vision.

A performance academy allows you to give life-as-a-candidate a try, while appearing on-screen in a theatrical role. 

The presentation features a tapestry of engaging personalities and resonant stories. 

Acting roles become shop windows for the charismatic articulation of national responsibility.

Star as a senator, congressman, governor or even president! 

Anyone can enjoy the glow of popular acclaim in this empowering candidate training series.

It's all happening across an online platform of the latest design. 

Witness artistic innovations combine in surging screen displays as web builders delve into the quantum scale of a new entertainment format; The uncharted '3rd dimension' of cyberspace. 

Your assistance makes you a premium figure of a board that will direct this 'theater of destiny'. 

You are invited to make it your own. 

The Hudsonica is a media research institute and leadership foundation, working with entertainment professionals and aspiring candidates.

Perhaps you know someone with an American legacy who would be interested in sovereign leadership beginning in a television role.  

Just send them our way. 

Confidential status is liberating as supporters and programs find a fit, with projects creating relevance in philanthropic, industrial and artistic avenues.

Lend your support to theatrical programs, trainings, job fairs and veteran services.

A design institute and performance academy featuring a new dot-com and a candidate training center comes to life.

Ready to dive in as a benefactor? Drop us a note at

I thank you for your consideration, your kindness and time. 

See you in the candidate development studios. 

Reporting for Liberty of Conscience, this is 


~ ~